Custom Beater Builder

Mix and match over 30 paint and stain options
to build your perfect wood bass drum beater.

Our Softer Side

Trade attack for warmth with our Leather Daddy and Felt Daddy beaters.

Collab: Lola Blu

17 one-of-a-kind finishes are available, and these won’t last long.

Collab: Hayden Menzies

A new series of hand painted beaters from the drummer of METZ! (SOLD OUT)

Scott Amendola


Scott Amendola Band, Nels Cline Singers, Charlie Hunter/Scott Amendola Duo, Amendola vs. Blades, Invisible Bird

“I LOVE the Low Boy bass drum beater. It’s a total game changer for me. I haven’t thought about using anything other than felt in decades! Holy cow! This thing is AMAZING! It brings out the punch when you need it, but offers a very deep dynamic range that was unexpected, and that is crucial to my playing.”

(Scott Amendola plays a Low Boy Lightweight Leather Daddy beater. View his artist profile.)

Wood, Leather or Felt?

Which striking surface is right for your music?

It’s a tough call, but Aaron Edgar presents studio quality audio samples – using three different bass drums – to help make your decision a bit easier.

Throw on some headphones to hear the difference between felt’s warm smack, leather’s subtle punchiness, and wood’s extreme attack.