Best Bass Drum Beaters for Metal Drumming
12 Days of Low Boy
Power Switch Quick Release Bass Drum Beater Thumbscrew

Power Switch

Swap your bass drum beater in seconds, no tools required!

Bass Drum Beaters - Black with Copper Sparkle Stripes

New Finish

Our new Black with Copper Sparkle Stripes finish is an absolute stunner!
Cymbal Clutch

Cymbal Clutch

Take your cymbals off the stands and into your hands

Wood, Leather, Felt or Wool?

Which striking surface is right for your music?

It’s a tough call, but Siros Vaziri presents studio quality audio samples to help make your decision a bit easier.

Throw on some headphones to hear the difference between wool’s warmth, felt’s subtle smack, leather’s organic punchiness, and wood’s extreme attack.