Wood Bass Drum Beater with Custom Drums

We’re a bass drum beater company with the soul of a custom drum builder.

In 2014 we surveyed the bass drum beater scene and let out one giant *yawn* at the sea of black plastic and white felt. We knew drummers deserved better and decided to give them a groundbreaking product they didn’t know they needed but now can’t live without. The Low Boy bass drum beater.

Crafted in California, Low Boy Custom Beaters are designed to make you sit up and say “whoa.” These wood bass drum beaters are built out of the finest American maple and the unique finishes are hand applied in our Santa Barbara shop. They are certain to last a lifetime and will complement every exceptional drum and cymbal in your collection.

Seven years later, we’re proud that our wide variety of Low Boy beater options have made their way into the hearts and kits of some of the world’s most renowned drummers, including Glenn Kotche (Wilco), Amy Wood (Fiona Apple), Matt McCaughan (Bon Iver), and Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers).

Jeremy Brieske

Jeremy Brieske


Jeremy is nearly a lifelong drummer, having first played the bells in his second grade class play. In sixth grade, Jeremy switched to the drum set, and played in bands in high school, college, and later while living in the “real world.”

His first job was in a small music store, selling guitars, and later worked for multiple gear manufacturers, including Dean Markley, Pro Co Sound, and Fender Musical Instruments. After moving to Denver, Jeremy started a web design and podcast production agency.