“The added punch from my Low Boys is HUGE, even over regular wood beaters! The Puff Daddy…craziest dynamic range I’ve ever heard on a beater!”

Aaron’s Gear

Leather Daddy, Purple with Gold Sparkle Stripes and Engraved Leather

Felt Daddy with Custom “Glow Boy” Finish

Pair of Custom Purple/Black Fade Beaters

Puff Daddy, Natural with Black Stripes

Aaron Edgar is the drummer for Canadian prog-metal band Third Ion, where he showcases some of his most rhythmically adventurous playing. Following the success of his educational drum videos on YouTube he was brought on as the first ‘satellite’ instructor on Drumeo.com where he broadcasts weekly live lessons from his personal studio in Manitoba, Canada to this day. On top of this, he started writing articles for Drums Etc magazine and within a year, took on the role of Editor in Chief. During his year and a half as editor he helped transition the magazine into a more education-based format.

In 2015 Aaron started writing Modern Drummer’s Progressive Drumming Essentials column which focusses on advanced rhythmic concepts and metal drumming. Aaron has also written and published a few instructional drum books, “Boom!! The Beginner’s Guide To Making Noise” and “Progressive Drum Essentials.”


Third Ion – “Illogical – Drum Playthrough”