Austin Archey

“For the band I’m in, I need to find the right tools and instruments to make that 45 minutes of incessant blast beats come to fruition. The Low Boys bring a comfort to my playing. They have great rebound and response. They feel so smooth playing faster stuff, and I feel like I’m more in control of the pedal. The moment I put them on I thought, ‘this is good.’”

Austin’s Gear

Austin Archey Lightweight Bass Drum Beaters

Lightweight Beaters, Black/Red with Silver Sparkle Stripe, Custom Engraving

Standard All-Wood Beaters, Scorched with Red and Silver Sparkle Stripes

Austin gravitated towards the drums at a young age and never looked back. Constantly trying to match the power and poise of his idols, he spent long days locked away working on his craft.

He started taking lessons at the young age of 7, learning theory, and a wide variety of styles which has helped shape his style into what it has become today. He played his first show at 12, embarked on his first tour at 18, and it has been quite the journey ever since.

Joining acclaimed deathcore band Lorna Shore in 2012 was the final step to forge Austin into one of metal’s most exciting young drummers. Drumming is something he simply cannot live without.


Lorna Shore Live Full Set Performance – Bloodstock 2022

Austin Archey – Lorna Shore “King of Deception” Playthrough

Lorna Shore — To the Hellfire (Live)

Austin Archey – Lorna Shore “Death Portrait” Playthrough