Bianca “B.Richdrumz” Richardson

Willow Smith, Conan Gray, Marcus Miller

The Lightweight is the best beater that fits my style of playing. Even though it is light, the beater achieves the “SMACK” that I want to feel and hear in my playing!!

Bianca’s Gear

Lightweight, Natural with Black Stripe

Lightweight, Natural with Black Stripe

Lightweight, Green with Black Stripe

Bianca C. Richardson is a Producer, Drummer, Live, and session player from Orange County, California. Richardson Graduated with an B.A. in Performing Arts from Musicians Institute. While in school she was rewarded with 3 Scholarships, with one being the Stanley Clarke Scholarship, for which she took first place. She also was rewarded Outstanding Musician at her graduation ceremony.

Richardson has experience working in sessions for various recording artists/Labels. To name a few, she has recorded with artists under Atlantic Records, Sony, Republic  which includes Artist K Michelle, Conan Gray, Jammcard and more. Artists Richardson has Played/Toured with, Beyoncé’s Songewriter Diana Gordon, James David (Davie), Moonchild, Cory Wong, Genevieve Artadi (Knower), Legendary Bass Player; Marcus Miller, Republic Records Artist Conan Gray, Willow Smith and more. 


Vic Firth DUOS – Bianca Richardson & Aisha Gaillard