Brittany Bowman

Demi Lovato, Royal and the Serpent

“I swapped out the Low Boy beaters on my pedal for the first time, being a little skeptical of how much of a difference it would even make, but I found myself feeling so comfortable playing with them and an ease that I hadn’t experienced before. They’re a great addition to my pedals!”

Britt’s Gear

Britt Bowman Standard Bass Drum Beaters

Pair of Standard Wood Beaters, Scorched with Black Stripes, Monogrammed

Britt Bowman Lightweight Leather Daddy Bass Drum Beaters

Pair of Lightweight Leather Daddy Beaters, Scorched with Black Stripe, Monogrammed

Hailing from Chicago, Britt sold her soul to music at the tender age of five-years old. Her innate sense of rhythm was discovered in the backseat of her mom’s car when she would hit the headrest to the beat of the music on the radio, the Beatles being one of her favorites. By the age of ten, Britt discovered Green Day and got her first kit, and that was the beginning of her budding romance with punk rock and drums.

By the time she hit fifteen, she was busting her chops playing notable venues around the Chicagoland area; such as the House of Blues and Bottom Lounge, just to name a few. Then at twenty-one, Britt made the move to Los Angeles where she now has her own studio and spends her time as a hired gun for artists such as Demi Lovato, Royal and the Serpent, Alexander Stewart, Jax, Daya, Meg Myers, KiNG MALA and Toni Cornell amongst others, as well as focusing on session work for artists of all genres, and developing her YouTube and Instagram following exponentially by posting original compositions, covers and play-through videos.

With a growing online presence, Britt has piqued the interest of reputable companies such as Sabian, Vater, Evans, Mapex, Gibraltar, Roland and more, who have brought her on board as an endorsee and trusted her opinion and talents to showcase and demo their products on camera. Britt is always honing in her talents and seeking additional opportunities to tour and build relationships with like-minded bands and artists.


Demi Lovato, “Substance” – Live on Jimmy Kimmel