Ian Chang

Son Lux, Moses Sumney, Landlady, Solo


With Low Boy Beaters, I feel the connections between my foot and the kick drum more than ever before. 

Ian’s Gear

Felt Daddy, White with Black Stripes

Puff Daddy, Natural with Seafoam & Orange Stripes

Puff Daddy, Amber with White Stripes

Felt Daddy, Natural with Shock Blue & Yellow Stripes

If drummer Ian Chang’s music had eyes, there’d be a glint in them. Belonging, his first full-length album, is like a cyborg – part purring mechanism, part animate bio-mass rising from primordial ooze.  In nine concise, largely instrumental pop songs, Chang conjures a personal cosmos: the listener feels as if we might reach out and touch Belonging‘s jagged and tender aural sculptures.  At every level, his music sings with earnest and deceptive simplicity. The album’s melodies are intimate, its rhythms rewarding, and yet, just beneath the surface glimmers innovation, as if the neurons firing in each melodic idea have become audible.  From the tradition of Bjork, Burial, and Flying Lotus, Chang breathes a new kind of human vulnerability into electronica.

When Chang describes his creative process, the phrase “third culture” keeps coming up.  Born in Hong Kong in 1988, Chang has lived a nomadic life. Stationed out of New York for 10 years, he built an impressive roster of collaborators such as Moses Sumney, Kazu Makino, Joan As Policewoman, Body Language, Matthew Dear, Rubblebucket, Dave Douglas, Jennifer Koh, and Chvrches, among others, all while performing internationally  and recording as a member of Son Lux and Landlady. Now relocated to Dallas, Texas, Chang’s discovered an inquisitive confidence that can only come from newfound isolation. Between tours, he dedicated himself to developing his international musical language, facilitated by a home studio and a burgeoning relationship. 


Ian Chang – “Spiritual Leader” Live

“Applying Electronic Concepts to Acoustic Drums” – Reverb.com