I truly love the sensitivity, aesthetics, and versatility of the Low Boy Custom Beaters. My Puff Daddy beater rarely leaves my pedal, giving me the warmth and round tone I love.

S. Carey's Gear

Standard Felt Daddy, Tie Dye with Orange Stripes

Standard Puff Daddy, Cinnamon/Amber/Natural with Gold Sparkle Stripes

Standard Felt Daddy, Red with Black Stripes

Since 2007, S. Carey has been an essential collaborator within the Bon Iver community and beyond, serving as the longest member of the touring band and contributing to their last three full length albums. He has honed his skills as a songwriter, producer, and collaborator with the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Low, Mason Jennings, Mike Kinsella, Pieta Brown, Taylor Deupree, Bruce Hornsby, Ymusic, and many more.

While fostering his own work through themes of nature, love, heartbreak, and sustainability, Carey’s heartfelt lyricism often lives within a bed of lush and beautiful sounds, akin to some Bon Iver sonic landscapes, but unique in his own way. S. Carey has released four full length records, All We Grow (2010), Range of Light (2014), Hundred Acres (2018), and Break Me Open (2022).  Carey resides in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he spends most of his time out of doors: walking, running, mushroom hunting, or most likely standing in a stream trying to fool fish with flies and contemplating the cosmos.


“Sunshower” – S. Carey

Bon Iver – Live at Pioneer Works