The Best Bass Drum Beaters for Outdoor Drumming

In this guide, we’ll hear from a few Low Boy artists on which bass drum beaters they prefer and also get gear and tuning tips from a live sound engineer who mans the board for large outdoor shows.

Stories for Drummers

Sounds From Below is a collection of written and audio stories about drums and drummers. Hosted by Low Boy Custom Beaters founder Jeremy Brieske, this occasional podcast series digs deep to find stories that you won’t hear on any other drumming podcast. Drummers from around the globe contribute articles to the Sounds Drom Below blog.

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Steve Lyman: Quarantine Check-In

Steve Lyman: Quarantine Check-In

With much of the world’s population under suggested or mandated stay-at-home orders, we’re taking this time to check in on our friends in the drumming community. Our first “quarantine check-in” is with jazz drummer Steve Lyman. Steve talks about his break-out year in 2019, an upcoming move from Salt Lake City to New York, and his journey to maturity as a musician.

Scott Amendola’s Nightmare, Small Town Drumming

Scott Amendola’s Nightmare, Small Town Drumming

In the very first episode of the Sounds From Below podcast series, Bay Area jazz drummer Scott Amendola tells us about the time he made a huge mistake while packing for a gig. We also hear from two successful drummers – Whiteville, North Carolina’s Matt Dudley and Scott Pellegrom of Grand Haven, Michigan – who shunned the bright lights of the big city, choosing to stay and play in the small towns they call home.

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