Chicago Hot Dog Wood Bass Drum Beater

“Chicago Hot Dog” beater, wood burned by Brett Colvin and painted by Low Boy founder Chris Gregori.

Low Boy Artist Collaborations

When we designed the form our bass drum beaters, we imagined them as blank canvases, ready to welcome whatever designs we could think up. While we’re coming up with new ideas every day, like a good song, collaboration often yields inspired results.

That’s why we’re looking for talented visual artists – illustrators, wood burners, painters, metalworkers and more – to team up on a new series of beaters. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll mail you unfinished beaters, either with grooves or without.
  • You do your thing, and send the beaters back to us.
  • Name your price! We’ll put the beater up for sale on our website. Our cut is a flat $40 fee, you keep the rest.
  • Once the beater has sold, we’ll send your share of the selling price.

Interested? Submit your application below. 

Unfinished Wood Bass Drum Beaters
Wood Bass Drum Beaters Handpainted by Hernan Sosa

Beaters handpainted by Denver artist Hernan Sosa.

Wood Bass Drum Beaters Handpainted by Hernan Sosa

Collaboration Application

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