Cork Bass Drum Beater

Limited Run Cork Daddy Bass Drum Beaters

Remember the story of Goldilocks? After committing some light B&E and helping herself to a warm meal, Goldilocks decided to get some shuteye. The first bed she tried was too hard, the next too soft. But when she settled into that third bed, it felt just right. 

That might be how you feel about bass drum beaters. You’ve tried them all, but nothing feels perfect for your playing. You are the reason we’re releasing a limited run of Cork Daddy beaters. If felt is too soft, and leather is too hard, we think this cork beater is going to be just right.

This isn’t cork from your preschool teacher’s bulletin board. In typical Low Boy fashion, these beaters are built with high-quality industrial cork, made in the USA. Although this material is very durable, we still recommend you use it only on smooth heads and impact pads, ensuring a long life.

If you think the Cork Daddy beater will round out your tone, you’ve got until the end of the year to grab one. Cork will be an option on any standard or lightweight beater, with any finish, for a very limited time.

Ready to grab a Cork Daddy beater?

Rob Mitzner Demos a Cork Daddy Beater