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The Drummer's Devotional Podcast

Learn about a new drummer every day!

The Drummer’s Devotional is a one year celebration of drummers, produced by Low Boy Custom Beaters. Each day during 2022, we’ll post a new episode featuring a different drummer. Some will be trailblazers from decades past, and some up-and-comers you’ve possibly never heard of.

Like a religious devotional, we hope you can get something out of each episode and carry it with you throughout your day.

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Who is your favorite drummer?

We’ll be featuring 365 musicians during 2022, so we need help choosing future drummers! Please let us know who you’d like to learn more about.

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A few notes about listening: We’re using a new Spotify service called Music + Talk, which allows us to embed full songs within a podcast episode. This technology pays artists for each stream, as if you were listening to the individual song on Spotify.

Since this service is new, there are a few limitations. It works great on the Spotify phone and desktop apps, but episodes will not play on the Spotify website or on smart speakers. We hope Spotify fixes these “bugs” soon!