Power Switch Installation

Thank you for purchasing a Low Boy Power Switch! Below you’ll find notes about the Power Switch design and its installation. If you have any issues or questions, please contact us

  • The Power Switch is designed to completely replace the bass drum beater key screw on your bass drum pedal. Your first step is removing the old screw and throwing it in the trash. You’ll never need it again.
  • When you’re installing the Power Switch, depending on the pedal design, you may notice that the handle is too long to rotate a full 360 degrees. That’s where the Power Switch ratcheting design comes in. The handle is spring loaded, so when you’ve tightened the screw as far as you can, pull the handle toward you, swing it back to starting position, and continue tightening. We’ve found it helps to put a small amount of pressure on the screw with your other hand during this step. This keeps the screw from loosening. Once the Power Switch is fully installed and your beater is tightened, you can use this spring action to reposition the handle.
  • If you’re having trouble catching the threads in the screw hole, you may need to reposition the Power Switch handle to a different position.

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of bass drum pedal models that have been manufactured over the past 100+ years. We’ve researched the specs of as many pedals as possible, but we can’t test the Power Switch on every model. That’s where we can use your help. After you’ve successfully installed your Power Switch, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could drop us an email with your pedal brand and model. This will help us recommend the Power Switch with 100% confidence to future customers. If, for some reason, the Power Switch doesn’t work on your pedal, please email us. We’ll make it right, no questions asked. 

Finally, if you think the Power Switch has added joy to your drumming, please share a photo and video on social media, using the #lowboybeaters hashtag. We’ll repost our favorites.

Thanks again for your support of Low Boy and our products!