Your feet will fly!

With the world’s lightest wood bass drum beater.
Natural & Shock Blue Lightweight Wood Bass Drum Beater


At just 80 grams, our lightweight bass drum beaters give you the quickness your feet have been searching for.

Amber & Black Lightweight Wood Bass Drum Beater


The combination of North American hard maple and a flat striking surface means a punchier bass drum tone.

Tie Dye Wood Bass Drum Beater


Now that you’ve got the quickness and tone you’re looking for, why not make your beater look amazing, too?

All of the Tone with 20% Less Weight

If you’re looking for all the punch and power of a Low Boy wood bass drum beater, with even less weight, this is what your feet have been searching for.

Weighing in at just 80 grams, our lightweight beaters are 20% lighter than our standard two-way bass drum beaters, and the lightest all-wood beaters on the market.

Featuring the same unique flat striking surface as our standard wood beaters, our lightweight beaters are designed with power drummers in mind. This beater will give you maximum volume and definition, plus the speed you need for quick single or double bass work.

Lou Santiago Jr. demos his Low Boy Lightweight Beaters. (Lou’s Website)


Hard Maple Beater Head

Our North American hard maple beaters will stand up to years of gigs and sessions.


Stainless Steel Rods

Our aerospace-grade stainless steel rods are guaranteed never to bend or break.


100% Made in the USA

Every element of our beaters are made in the USA, and assembled in our Santa Barbara shop.


Hand Stained and Painted Finishes

Over 30 paint and stain options are available to make your beater your beater.


Laser Engraved Low Boy Logo

No detail is left unperfected! We can even engrave your band’s logo.


Lifetime Guarantee

Our heirloom quality bass drum beaters are built to last a lifetime. Or two.

Ready to Build Your Perfect Custom Beater?

Custom Mugan Music Wood Bass Drum Beater

Wood Bass Drum Beater Weight Comparison

When it comes to the feel of a bass drum beater, slight changes in weight can make a huge difference. When we designed our standard series beaters, we wanted to build a mid-weight beater, around the same weight as a DW two-way beater.

While this works for many drummers, we were constantly asked for something lighter. When challenged, we gave you the lightest wood bass drum beater on the market! Here’s how Low Boy beaters stack up with other popular wood beaters.

Beater ModelWeight
Danmar 205 (Red Ball)108 grams
Outlaw Hammer Knocker102 grams
Low Boy Standard95 grams
Tama Iron Cobra88 grams
Vic Firth VicKick86 grams
Low Boy Lightweight80 grams

The Best Beaters for Double Bass Drumming

If you’re playing metal, punk, gospel, or another genre of music that requires accurate double bass work (don’t forget, jazz drummer Louis Bellson arguably invented the double bass kit), using gear that pushes your speed to the next level is only half the battle.

Your bass drum tone is just as important. When playing double bass, a defined tone is your friend, and boominess is your nemesis. Every note needs to be heard, and the worst thing that can happen is a wash of sloppy low end.

So, why do some bass drum beaters sound different than others? Two major design elements determine the tone of a beater. Material and shape.

Let’s take a look at each separately.

Double Bass Monster Charlie Engen. (Charlie’s Website)



Imagine bouncing a tennis ball and a billiard ball on your kitchen table. The billiard ball striking the table will have a very defined sound since the material is extremely hard. Bounce the tennis ball and all you’ll hear is a thump. The same applies to bass drum beaters. A hard material like wood will give you a more defined sound than softer materials, like felt or rubber.



Think about greeting a friend with either a fist bump or a high five. When your fists collide, the soft sound it makes won’t be heard by anyone else in the room. Now try a high five. A huge difference in sound, right? Apply this to a bass drum beater striking a drumhead. A rounded beater is going to produce a softer, more spread out tone, while a flat beater will give you the smack you’re looking for.

You're armed with the information you need...

Now Let Us Build Your Perfect Beater!

It’s time to elevate your drumming. You’ve been practicing, and now you need a beater that pushes your speed to the next level.

You want a beater that compliments the music you play, one that cuts through the mix and slams the audience in the chest.

You also want a beater that looks great with your kit. When designing with our Beater Builder, you’ll have access to thousands of potential color combos. We also offer three custom laser engraving options: a monogrammed shield with your initials, custom text or your logo. Want to roll off the high end just a bit? Make it a Leather Daddy!

Ready? Let’s do it! Choose your beater style to get started.

Lightweight Wood Bass Drum Beaer - Single Color

Single Color Beater

Lightweight Wood Bass Drum Beaer - Multi-Color

Multi-Color Beater