Collab: Hand Painted Amelia Golding Beaters


You may not know Australian artist Amelia Golding's name, but if you keep up with what's cool in the drumming scene, you've seen her work. Amelia's hand painted drum heads, especially her landscape scenes, harken back to a style that was popular nearly a century ago.

Amelia has been kind enough to lend her talents to a limited run of four wood bass drum beaters, each adorned with a unique landscape scene. Each beater is painted by hand in Amelia's Sydney studio, assembled in our Denver shop, and ready for you to decide if it belongs behind your drums or behind glass.

Please note: Since we give artists the freedom to decorate their beaters however they want, the finishes on some artist series beaters may not be as durable as standard Low Boy beaters. Do not fear…they sound and feel the same as all of our wood beaters, but you may notice extra wear at the point the beater hits the head.

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