Cymbal Clutch Bundle


What happens when you take your cymbals off the stands and into your hands?

The Low Boy Cymbal Clutch™ is the first product that allows you to take any cymbal in your collection and completely reimagine its role within your kit. Place a splash cymbal on your snare to create distorted hand clap tones. Pick that cymbal up and hit it in the middle of a groove to mimic an open hi hat. Put a larger cymbal on your floor tom for industrial tones. Play around the kit with the Clutch and unlock your inner free jazz drummer. There are no rules!

We built the Clutch for the “creative class” of drummers, as a challenge to create innovative sounds while pushing creativity to new places. What new tones can you pull from your kit?

The Cymbal Clutch comes in two sizes. The small Clutch is designed for 12” cymbals and smaller, and the large Clutch for 14” and above cymbals. But again, there are no rules, so do what feels right.

As an added bonus, we’re throwing in a free Cymbal Stack Adapter. This threaded coupler will screw onto the top of any modern cymbal stand built with an M8 thread. Then simply twist the Clutch into the top of the Stack Adapter and you have an extra cymbal stand!

The Cymbal Stack Adapter is great for mounting a splash cymbal above a crash, or a crash cymbal above a larger ride.

The Clutch will officially be released in early 2023, but we want our loyal customers to get the first chance to create music with this new, innovative new product.

This bundle ships with (1) Large Clutch, (1) Small Clutch, and (1) Cymbal Stack Adapter. Cymbals not included.

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