Fundraiser for Jeremy of Q Drum Co.


This limited edition Q Drum Co. bass drum beater is being sold as a fundraiser to help Q founder Jeremy Berman fight cancer. It is available with a wood, leather, felt or lambswool striking surface.

This fundraiser has ended. You purchased 51 beaters which led to a $1,818 donation to Jeremy’s GoFundMe.

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I’ve only hung out with Jeremy Berman once.

Each year (pre-COVID) Ronn Dunnett hosts a drum builders’ dinner at the Winter NAMM show, and he has been gracious enough to allow me – a lowly bass drum beater builder – to attend. One year, in either 2018 or 2019, I sat at a table with Jeremy. It was a big table filled with many talented people, but everyone was peppering Jeremy with questions. And rightfully so. The guy has done a lot in this industry, from building drums for Orange County Drums to starting Q Drum Co in 2013, all while balancing a successful career as a drum tech.

At that dinner, Jeremy was kind, generous, and funny. He definitely left a good impression on me. Ever since, each time Jeremy’s name has been brought up in conversation with those who know him, the standard response is “I love that guy. Jeremy’s the best.”

When I saw the recent news that Jeremy was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer (which has spread to his bones and lymph nodes) I knew I wanted to help. What am I good at? Building bass drum beaters.

I reached out to Roger from Q Drum Co and asked if we could create a Q beater as a fundraiser for Jeremy’s care. Roger enthusiastically gave us permission to create this limited edition bass drum beater.

This beater will be available for sale through Sunday, August 7th, and 80% of the revenue will be donated directly to Jeremy’s GoFundMe. Full disclosure, we are donating all parts and labor, but the additional 20% will cover our shipping costs, credit card/PayPal fees, and other overhead.

According to the GoFundMe, the funds raised will go toward:

  1. Medical Bills
  2. Housing for Jeremy to stay near the treatment facility so he doesn’t have to travel back and forth between treatments.
  3. Living expenses. We want Jeremy to focus solely on getting better so we would like to be able to cover his month to month expenses as well.

Of course, if you’d prefer to donate directly to the GoFundMe, you can do so here.

From one Jeremy B to another, we hope our small contribution helps Jeremy kick cancer’s ass!

Jeremy Brieske – Low Boy Founder