Lightweight Puff Daddy Beater, Natural with Black Stripe


Put the BOOM in your bass drum. The Puff Daddy beater captures the tone of vintage lambswool bass drum beaters, but with an extended dynamic range. Take your bass drum from whisper quiet to thunderously loud, thanks to our modern take on a traditional design.

  • Lambswool striking surface is perfect for jazz, Americana, folk, and light rock drummers
  • Lightweight (85 grams) for a delicate touch and increased control
  • Replaceable lambswool “puffs” ensure you’re always gig-ready
  • Aerospace-grade chrome-plated steel rods are guaranteed never to bend or break

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Features & Specifications

  • Hard Maple Beater Head – Our North American hard maple beaters are road-tested and will stand up to years of gigs and sessions.
  • Lightweight Beater (85 grams) – This perfectly balanced lightweight beater gives you the control and light touch your feet have been searching for.
  • Wool Striking Surface – This premium quality shearling lambswool is soft, lush, and it sounds amazing.
  • Exposed Wood Rim – A 1/4″ wood rim provides you with extra power and rich, full low-end tones.
  • Replaceable Puffs – These lambswool puffs are held on by a powerful magnet. Replacement three packs are available here.
  • Carbon Steel Rod – Our aerospace-grade chrome-plated steel rods are guaranteed never to bend or break. The 8″ long, 1/4″ diameter steel rods fit in nearly every bass drum pedal built in the last 100+ years.
  • Hand Finished in California – We carefully source every element of our beaters, then finish and assemble them in our Santa Barbara shop. This beater’s black stripes were handpainted, then finished with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and food safe tung oil.
  • Laser Engraved Logo – Each beater is laser engraved with the Low Boy logo. No detail is left unperfected!

Drummer Joseph Mintz plays a Puff Daddy beater on Drumeo

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