Collab: Hand Painted Megan Pailin Beaters


Austin’s Megan Pailin has been blowing us away for years with her bass drum head paintings. We were honored when Megan agreed to paint a limited run of four wood bass drum beaters, each adorned with a unique landscape design.

Please note: Since we give artists the freedom to decorate their beaters however they want, the finishes on some artist series beaters may not be as durable as standard Low Boy beaters. Do not fear…they sound and feel the same as all of our wood beaters, but you may notice extra wear at the point the beater hits the head. 

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Megan Pailin is a Texas artist, born and raised. Earlier in life, she split her time in high school between being a drum major and competitive visual artist. She graduated from Texas State University with a BA in Fine Arts and continued on to teach middle school art for five years. While teaching, she was approached by a coworker and local drummer to paint a landscape on a drum head for him. After that first drum head painting, she couldn’t help but make more!

Megan currently resides in Austin, TX and spends her time creating custom drum head artwork for musicians from all around. She is happy to continue fusing the world of visual arts and music together!

You can check out her work on her website her website or on her Instagram @PailinDraws