Power Switch, 1/4″ Thread (fits DW/Axis/Drumnetics/Volta)


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Swap your beater in seconds. No tools required.

The Power Switch is one of those “why didn’t this already exist?” products. Why have you been fumbling around with a drum key for your entire drumming life when there was a simpler solution? Because no one thought of a better way.

Until now. The Power Switch quick release bass drum beater thumbscrew replaces the stock set screw on your bass drum pedal. The large handle gives you the torque you need to keep your beater tightly secured, while the spring loaded, ratcheting design allows you to reposition the handle while the screw stays in place.

Why do drummers need the Power Switch?

  • Swap your beater quickly between songs.
  • Faster setup and breakdown at gigs.
  • Recover from the dreaded “beater slip” while playing.
  • Can’t find your drum key? No problem.

This 1/4″ threaded screw fits Drum Workshop, Axis, Drumnetics, and Volta pedals. We also offer an M8 threaded screw for Tama, Gibraltar, Yamaha, and Pearl pedals and a 10/32 model for Trick pedals. We’re currently compiling specs on all bass drum pedal brands, so if you’re wondering which Power Switch thumbscrew will fit your pedal, please email us at jeremy@lowboybeaters.com

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