Puff Daddy Beater, Natural with Black Stripes


Put the BOOM in your bass drum. The Puff Daddy™ beater captures the tone of vintage lambswool bass drum beaters, but with an extended dynamic range. Take your bass drum from whisper quiet to thunderously loud, thanks to our modern take on a traditional design.


    • Perfect for jazz, Americana, folk, and light rock
    • Replaceable lambswool “puffs” ensure you're always gig-ready
    • Midweight (100 grams) for plenty of power with a light touch

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Put the BOOM in your bass drum

There’s something magical about vintage lambswool bass drum beaters. For decades, they gave drummers a “felt but not heard” bass drum tone, perfect for jazz and other intimate music styles.

When jazz gave way to rock in the mid- 20th century, drum builders switched to using felt and plastic beaters on their pedals, and quality lambswool beaters all but disappeared. However loud and aggressive popular music became, drummers still needed a soft bass drum beater with a delicate touch for certain musical situations and they always came up short.

Over the years, various drum companies have tried to replicate the tone of these vintage beaters with mixed success. Some have come close, but none have really nailed that soft, pillowy tone–until now.

The Puff Daddy bass drum beater is our version of yesterday’s lambswool beater. It has the vintage tone you crave, with an extended dynamic range.

This beater’s hallmark is its premium-quality, shearling lambswool. It’s soft, it’s lush, and, most importantly, sounds amazing.

Barely tap the pedal and you’ll hear just the wool strands engage with the drum head. It’s the softest tone you’ll ever hear from your bass drum, almost like the gentle tap of wire brushes.

Hit a little harder and get ready for the big boom. What you’re hearing is the soft lambswool pulling every bit of warmth from your kick drum–a tone tailor-made for jazz, Americana, and other mellow musical stylings.

Now really dig in. This is where the magic happens. Our intentional design leaves ¼” wood exposed at the striking surface’s edge, and long wool strands that act as a muffler between the wood and the drum head. This provides some extra power and a rich, full low-end tone, but without the punch you’d expect from a wood beater.

This hybrid design gives you all of the magic of a vintage lambswool beater, with increased dynamic range on both ends of the volume spectrum.

Transform your kick drum into a vintage tone machine with the Puff Daddy bass drum beater.

Sound Samples

Jazz drummer Joseph Mintz plays a drum solo on Drumeo, using a Low Boy Lightweight Puff Daddy bass drum beater


Hard Maple Beater Head

Our North American hard maple beaters will stand up to years of gigs and sessions.

Wool Striking Surface

This premium quality shearling lambswool is soft, lush, and it sounds amazing.

Exposed Wood Rim

A 1/4" wood rim provides you with extra power and rich, full low-end tones.

Replaceable Puffs

These lambswool puffs are held on by a powerful magnet. Replacement three packs are available here.

Laser Engraved Logo

Each beater is laser engraved with the Low Boy logo. No detail is left unperfected!

Carbon Steel Rod

Our aerospace-grade chrome-plated steel rods are guaranteed never to bend or break.

1/4" Diameter Rod

Our 1/4" diameter steel rods fit in nearly every bass drum pedal built in the last 100+ years.

Made in California

We carefully source every element of our beaters, and assemble them in our Santa Barbara shop.

Artists Playing Puff Daddy Beaters

Scott Amendola

Scott Amendola Band, Nels Cline Singers, Charlie Hunter/Scott Amendola Duo, Amendola vs. Blades, Invisible Bird

Mike Marsh

The Avett Brothers, Dashboard Confessional

Ian Chang

Son Lux, Moses Sumney, Landlady, Solo


  • 8” total length
  • 3.5 oz/100 gram weight
  • 1.75" striking surface diameter
  • North American hard maple beater head
  • Shearling lambswool striking surface, attached with magnets
  • 1/4" diameter, chrome-plated carbon steel rod
  • Made in California