Standard Bass Drum Beater | Natural with Black Stripes


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Crafted in Denver, Colorado, Low Boy Custom Beaters are designed to last a lifetime. These two-way wood bass drum beaters are built of the finest hard maple American forests have to offer.

This beater is amazingly versatile, capable of delivering gentle feathered notes, powerful blast beats, and everything in between. If you're looking for traditional wood bass drum beater tones, the rounded end is punchy and articulate, with the “click” you need for intricate bass drum work. Flip it around and you’ll unleash the fury of 1.75” of hard maple on your kick drum. This flat edge was designed with power drummers in mind and will give you maximum volume and definition.

Low Boy Beaters give you the advantages of wood without the weight of traditional wood bass drum beaters. Each weighs in at around 95 grams (slightly lighter than a DW two-way beater).

These custom beaters have been designed to blend in perfectly with the finest drums and cymbals in your collection. The black stripes were hand painted in our Denver shop, and the highest quality oils have been worked into the wood, sealing and protecting it against any elements. Each Low Boy bass drum beater is fitted with a bend-proof, plated steel rod and laser engraved with our logo.

Our wood bass drum beaters are made in the USA and ship all over the world (and if you're in the US, shipping is on us).

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Product Specifications

  • American hard maple beater head
  • Hand painted black stripes
  • Laser engraved logo
  • Bend-proof, plated steel rod
  • Product dimensions: [beater head] 2.625″ L x 1.75″ D (flat end) x 1″ D (rounded end) | [total length] 8″
  • Shipping dimensions: 9″ L x 4″ W x 3″ H
  • Product weight: 95 grams
  • Shipping weight: 8.0 oz
  • Proudly made in the USA

2 reviews for Standard Bass Drum Beater | Natural with Black Stripes

  1. Brandon (verified owner)

    In a word; Wowza.

    I was honestly a bit skeptical about this beater in the beginning when i first saw them come to market. I currently own TONS of beaters from Danmar, Vic Firth, Axis, Pearl, DW, and Mapex and thought maybe it wouldn’t be different enough to be worth investigating, aesthetics aside. But! I was finally able to demo them at the most recent Chicago Drum Show and was impressed enough that I subsequently bought the model with the black stripes. Putting it on my Axis A21 Laser was a revelation! Sick amounts of power + volume! The large flat surface pulls all sorts of lows out of your bass drum. The weight (and possibly the unique shape) help create a “rocking” motion ideal for fast doubles or prolonged 16th notes.

    I instantly regretted not buying a pair…but here we are! Beautiful design, friendly for all brands of pedals, and most importantly elicits a killer sound. Highly Recommended!

  2. Paul Weisgerber

    My friend and bandmate Chris Wallace gifted one of these to me the other day. In one practice I was a convert. Love it. Only problem is he didn’t think about me using a double kicker. So I am about to order one for my left foot. The change it made in my single bass is amazing! Way more power with hardly any more effort. My bass sounds deeper and more defined. Feels more controlled than my factory dw kickers. And they look cool, too!

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