Brandon Toews Plays EVERY Foo Fighters Song in Taylor Hawkins Tribute Video

by | Mar 25, 2023 | 0 comments

Low Boy artist Brandon Toews is at it again with another extraordinary tribute video, this time featuring the entire Foo Fighters catalog! This 29-minute homage to the late Taylor Hawkins is a whirlwind of hard-hitting rock grooves and marks the one-year anniversary of Hawkins’ untimely passing in Bogota, Colombia.

Toews, who works as the Content Director at online lesson platform Drumeo, took two months to learn the band’s entire repertoire, using his Standard Leather Daddy beater to replicate Hawkins’ punchy bass drum tone. This gorgeous beater features custom signature engraving and a white finish with orange and blue stripes. Hawkins, who spent 25 years powering Foo Fighters to 11 number-one hits, often used a 24” bass drum to achieve his massive sound.

Toews explains that he chose the Standard Leather Daddy “to get as clear attack from the bass drum as possible.” He adds, “I find myself playing a lot of different kits in the studio, and having the option to choose between different striking surfaces and beater weights is a game-changer! I love that Low Boy gives drummers the ability to create something that’s uniquely their own.”

This video is a follow-up to Toews’ viral Neil Peart tribute video from January 2022, where he performed all 175 Rush songs. We’re excited to see which artist he takes on next!

Taylor Hawkins plays “All My Life” with Foo Fighters

Brandon Toews Bass Drum Beater, Leather Daddy, White with Orange & Blue Stripes

Brandon Toews’ Leather Daddy Bass Drum Beater