Manchester Orchestra Drummer Tim Very Releases Loop and Sample Library

by | Feb 7, 2023 | 0 comments

Low Boy artist Tim Very, drummer for the popular Atlanta-based rock outfit Manchester Orchestra, recently released a brand new loop and sample library through Nashville Sampling Company.

Recorded exclusively with his acrylic C&C touring kit and Standard Felt Daddy beater, this pack includes over 280 loops, 210 fills and multiple synth loops in tempos ranging from 90-140 bpm. After download, these samples can be easily dropped straight into any digital audio workstation (DAW).

He recorded the library over a number of days at Five Points Recording in Huntsville, Alabama, adding that he hopes it can be an “easy-to-use writing tool for producers and songwriters alike.” Very describes the “punchy, loud and energetic” samples as the perfect representation of his Manchester Orchestra drum sound.

Nashville Sampling Company is co-owned by fellow Low Boy artist and Carrie Underwood drummer Garrett Goodwin, who also has tons of samples available on the site and talks here about using his Low Boy beaters to record them.

Very adds, “I’ve been aware of Low Boy beaters for quite some time and was very excited when my drum tech introduced me to Low Boy. Their beaters are beautiful and well-crafted and I couldn’t be happier being a part of the team!”

Learn more about the Tim Very sample pack here

Tim Very plays “Keel Timing” with Manchester Orchestra

Felt Daddy, Natural with Black Stripes, Black Felt

Tim Very’s Felt Daddy Bass Drum Beater