Limited Run Vegan Leather Daddy Bass Drum Beaters

Vegan Leather Bass Drum Beater

Years ago we had an idea to build a bass drum beater that occupied the sonic space between felt and wood. It would be punchy enough to cut through distorted guitars and horn sections, yet warm enough to blend in during quieter musical passages. After testing multiple materials, we discovered that the perfect tone came from a leather disc, about 3/16″ thick. 

Almost immediately, customers asked for a vegan leather version. Although we loved the idea and tested out a number of vegan leather options, we couldn’t find one that gave us the tone we were looking for. We learned that, although there are a number of high quality vegan leather materials available, they were all very thin and didn’t sound quite right. 

We recently revisited the idea and came up with a plan. If we could laminate the vegan leather to another material, perhaps we could achieve our sonic goals. It turns out we were right! This bass drum beater is built with a thin vegan leather disc, mounted to a thicker piece of cork. It gives us the smack we were searching for, but with a cushion that produces warmer, less intense tones.  

If you think the Vegan Leather Daddy beater will round out your tone, you’ve got until the end of the year to grab one. Vegan leather will be an option on any standard or lightweight beater, with any finish, for a very limited time.

Vegan Leather Daddy Bass Drum Beater

The Vegan Leather Daddy is Currently Unavailable

Rob Mitzner Demos a Leather Daddy Beater