Watch Lorna Shore Drummer Austin Archey Dominate in Bloodstock 2022 Video

by | Mar 10, 2023

Deathcore band Lorna Shore is seriously blowing up right now and Low Boy artist Austin Archey has the best seat in the house!

The band recently released a full-set concert video from their performance at the 2022 Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival in Derbyshire, England. In this breakneck 35-minute endurance test, Archey uses a pair of Low Boy Standard all-wood bass drum beaters to rip through the band’s most popular hits, including To The Hellfire and Sun//Eater. These beaters, which feature a gorgeous scorched finish with red and silver sparkle stripes, are some of the best bass drum beaters for metal drumming. Archey’s nimble hands and clever use of Roland drum triggers highlight this jaw-dropping display of technical mastery.

Archey explains, “for the band I’m in, I need to find the right tools and instruments to make that 45 minutes of incessant blast beats come to fruition. The Low Boys bring a comfort to my playing. They have great rebound and response. It felt so smooth playing faster stuff and I felt like I was more in control of the pedal. I keep my beaters pretty far back so I get that nice action. The moment I put them on I thought, ‘this is good.’ I also just like to support cool companies.”

Austin and Lorna Shore kick off their 2023 touring schedule in March with Brand of Sacrifice, Shadow of Intent, Bodysnatcher and Boundaries, before hitting the road later this year with metal titans Gojira and Mastodon. If this concert video is any indication, it’s going to be a scorching-hot year for these rising stars of deathcore metal.

Austin Archey Bass Drum Beaters

Austin Archey’s All-Wood Standard Bass Drum Beaters