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Greetings, and thank you for your interest in Low Boy Custom Beaters!

These days, more and more artists are seeking endorsement relationships with products/brands, and we recognize that this can be an important step in an artist’s career. We receive lots of inquiries for artist endorsements, so let us first explain a bit about what an endorsement with Low Boy Custom Beaters is all about.

The most important thing to understand is that by entering into an endorsement relationship with us, an artist must appreciate what it means to endorse a brand and be endorsed in return. A manufacturer endorses an artist because they feel that artist will help influence other musicians to try their brand. In return for the exposure the artist can offer, the manufacturer will support the artist through special discounts, exposure opportunities through advertising, website features and social media interactions. It is extremely important to realize that endorsement deals are a two-way street and not simply about getting discounted products. We work closely with our artists to lend them support and to help build awareness and popularity of the Low Boy Custom Beaters brand in their area of influence.

We are looking to work with like-minded artists/musicians who have established themselves in the industry and are working hard towards a sustained career in the music business. Endorsed artists are allies and ambassadors for our brand, so these are relationships we hold to be very important.

  • Some of the things we consider when reviewing artist applications include (but are not limited to):
  • Activity, presence and audience on various social media platforms
  • Familiarity and first hand experience with Low Boy products
  • Professionalism in their approach to image and career
  • Willingness and ability to help grow the brand in their particular area
  • High level of skill/musicianship on the drum set and/or percussion.
  • High level of exposure through touring and live performances
  • Good communication skills

Please note: If you don’t already own or have never used Low Boy products, your application will be immediately rejected.

If you wish to become a Low Boy Custom Beaters endorsed artist, please fill out the following application AND send us the following information in an EPK:

  1. A personal bio, and a bio for your current band and/or projects
  2. All other current endorsements, and the name and contact information of your representatives with those companies
  3. A list and picture of the Low Boy products you use, and a short testimonial stating what you like about it
  4. Performance/tour/clinic/session dates for the coming 12 months. For YouTube/IG-focused applicants, please include a brief overview of your upcoming 12 months in terms of online activity (special events, promotions, partnerships, guest spots on other channels, take-overs, etc.)
  5. Audio/video examples of your playing and a recent photograph (within the last year or two)
  6. Contact information for you and your management, booking agent, record label reps, drum techs, etc.
  7. Your Website URL and links to your Social Media pages (career related only, please)

If your EPK is missing any of the above criteria, it will not be accepted.

Attach your EPK to an email with a cover letter and email to:

If we feel you would be a positive contributor to the Low Boy Custom Beaters artist family, we will contact you directly.

Thank you very much, we look forward to hearing from you!

Nate Babbs
Artist Relations

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