Matt McCaughan

Bon Iver, Hiss Golden Messenger

 “From the moment I first tried a Low Boy beater in a drum shop, I’ve basically had one living in my kick pedal at all times. While I mostly use the Felt Daddy, the various models they offer gives me a variety of tonal options for the studio. And speaking of the studio, their Power Switch has quickly shot to the top of my studio essentials. It makes changing tones so easy that it leaves me no excuses not to experiment.”

Matt’s Gear

Pair of Felt Daddy Beaters, Natural with Black Stripes and Soft, Black Felt

Pair of Felt Daddy Beaters, Blue/Yellow/Red with White Stripes, Soft, Black Felt and Custom Star Engraving (styled after the Durham, NC flag)


Bon Iver – Live at Pioneer Works

Bon Iver – Live 2019 (Full Set)

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Our manufacturing and shipping operations will be closed from June 4 through June 18. In the meantime, please visit one of our amazing dealers, or feel free to place an order in our shop. Once we're back up and running, we'll be working extra hard to build and ship your beaters as quickly as possible.